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45 Content Ideas [eBook]

This ebook includes education on the three forms of content, the three strategies of content AND the 3 subject matters of content. Knowing what and why content is extremely important to keep from working hard with no results. Content is King, but only when you know how to use it.

The great thing about this resource is that it lists places that you may already have content that you can re-purpose, in addition to content to create. With this list of 45 content ideas, you'll never draw a blank on producing content again.

Now that you will know what content to create, be efficient by already knowing how to find time to create content and organizing when you will distribute it. For more time to create, consider purchasing the eBook How To Find More Time,. For the best organization system for your content, consider purchasing the 2019 Busy-preneur's Guide To Consistent Content That Connects Planner System. Both are sold in this store.

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