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Sha' Cannon, Expert Advocate

Sha' Cannon, Expert Advocate

Atlanta, United States · 11 items

How To Find Time To Create Content and Write Your Book

The one complaint I hear from every Expert I encounter is that they don't have time to create content or write a book. They know the importance of both, but they have convinced themselves that there are not enough hours in the day to get it done. I totally understand but I also disagree. Without content, you are not attracting as many clients to your business as you could be. Without a book, you may not be getting paid as the expert because you aren't seen as the expert. This resource gives you 30+ ways (some especially for parents) to see your day differently and take advantage of time you thought you didn't have.

When you find the time, be efficient by already knowing what content you will create and when you will create it. For the when, consider purchasing the 2017 Content Creation Planner System. For the what, consider purchasing 45 Content Ideas. Both are sold in this store.

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