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Sha' Cannon, Expert Advocate

Sha' Cannon, Expert Advocate

Atlanta, United States · 11 items

The 2018 Busy-preneur's Guide to Consistent Content That Connects

This is more than a planner. It's a system. I use it to plan out my content, as well as, the promotions and events for the products and services in my business. It doesn't matter if you plan your business and content by the quarter, the month, the week or the day; this system will help you to organize it all.

To accompany the planner, this product includes a guide to educate you on how to use the system (with examples from my business), how to connect who you intend to attract into your business and how to stay consistent with your content.

You will receive the following with your purchase:

  • Binder Cover (PDF)
  • Guidebook (PDF)
  • Planner (PDF)
  • 30 Minute Training Video (MP4)


  • The Brainstorm Sheet
  • A Login and Password Record Sheet

If you know you that you will need more training and accountability to rock out your content, consider joining Content College. This System comes free with enrollment. For more information go to

2 PDF, 1 PNG and 1 MP4
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