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#Hashtags & Holidays Content Boost [Training]

The purpose of creating content is to get more eyes of potential clients on their products and services. However, not every Entrepreneur knows what strategies to use to stay consistent and routine with their content to attract more and more new connections. I created this training to help you do just that!

#HASHTAGS are not used the same way across all social media platforms. Learn how to correctly use them, why to use them, and where to use them.

HOLIDAYS are a great excuse to create content. Learn the strategy around it.


  1. 2019 Content Holidays Resource List. A listing of major, odd, social media, food, silly, etc... holidays that make EVERY day a holiday to create your content around.
  2. Hashtag Worksheet. A worksheet to record the hashtags best for attracting Ideal Clients to your content.

This training includes:

  • a video training
  • Hashtag Worksheet
  • 2019 Content Holidays resource list

2 PDF and 1 MP4
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