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Who Is Your Ideal Avatar? [Training]

Every question you have about how to get your expertise out to who needs it is answered by this extensive avatar creator:

  • How much should my products and services be?
  • Which social media outlets should I be on?
  • How long should my book be?
  • Should I host an event?
  • Should I be a speaker at this event?

EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW YOUR CLIENT AVATAR, YOU PROBABLY STILL NEED THIS RESOURCE. Most Experts only have 5 to 6 traits to their avatar and that's why they are still confused on how to attract them. Learning who your reader/client really is and how to use that information is invaluable. You NEED the information in this eBook as the first step to EVERY thing in your business.

This workbook includes:

  • the information needed to create your detailed avatar
  • an example of my avatar
  • how to use your avatar
  • worksheets to create your own avatar
1 PDF and 1 MP4
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